Software Engineering


We have experience with several brands and types of plc’s. This can be a small compact plc, but also be a very complex configuration with, besides digital I/O as well as analogous, weighing modules and communication modules for bus systems and network links.

Siemens S7 is our preferred brand, but we have
experience with several other brands. Our
programming is structured and we attach great
importance to clear documentary. This makes it
possible for programmers from Dynamic to take over
each others work if necessary. Even years later, it has
to be possible to understand the programming in case
of malfunction or for extending the installation by an
experienced programmer.

Operator panel or IPC

Depending on the installation we apply operator
panels of 2 lines with 20 characters and some keys to
industrial pc’s with 17-inch touch screens. Most
important function of the panel always is status of the
installation and possible registration of malfunction.
Depending on the installation, it can also be used for
service, parameter input, visualization, trending and
data storage.[more]
For this Siemens is our preferred brand, although we
also have experience with several other brands.


SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is used to monitor and or controll a complete factory. A computer is connected to the installations and with a visualisation all data can be logged, monitored or controlled. This can be done from a office environment.


If something has be moved quickly and accurately, the
application of a servo-motor can offer a good solution.
If this is the case a microprocessor regulated
controller can be applied and programmed by us.
An other possibility is that the positioning can be
controlled by the PLC.